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We know in depth what it feels like to need money to meet the payment of our monthly expenses or for an emergency, rest assured! We are with you to support you. We are dedicated to researching everything about Personal Loans for you, we want you to be useful and help you solve this need for quick money.

Quick Loans: The best way to get money without a Credit Bureau.

What is a quick loan?

A quick loan is to have money almost immediately in the event of an unforeseen event that needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

For these cases, when you have many loans, there is payday loan consolidation via http://left-bank.org/payday-consolidation/ payday loan consolidation.

As the name says, they are funds that are given to the client in a matter of hours or days in order to address their problem.

Quick loans via Left-Bank are the fastest growing financial tool in our country.

In general, and to speed up the process, financial institutions do not stop to see the customer’s credit bureau, although they do look for other types of guarantees.

In most cases, the loan is collected via payroll.

This implies that the person who requests it receives a fixed salary to support it.

Which people are eligible for a quick loan?


Quick credits are ideal for all employees. Since not consulting the Credit Bureau, the best reference you have is the salary you receive.

If you work in any government institution, are employed by the education sector or are a retired person, your best option is Credifiel, a responsible organization that provides innovative financial solutions to the most vulnerable sectors of the country.

You should ask if the place where you work has an agreement with Credifiel, if so, you are very close to getting a quick loan.

It is important to reiterate that by not consulting the Credit Bureau, you need to have other payment guarantees, one of which is payroll and the other that has an adequate solvency index.

How can I calculate my solvency?

The solvency index is the ability to cope with financial obligations. That is, measure your personal finances to know if you can pay month by month the debts you have.

Your financial situation is the set of “assets” and “liabilities” with which you account.

We must understand the assets as all sources of income, whether formal wages, accounts receivable or assets that are susceptible to sell, such as land, furniture, appliances, cars, among others.

Its opposite is the liabilities, or rather, all the debts and financial commitments you have.

In this item enter the credit cards, the payment of the car or a mortgage.

You can calculate your solvency index yourself, the first thing you should do is list all your income.

For the liabilities is the same procedure, only now the debts are added. They can be from a mortgage, car, personal credit, to the money you borrowed from your family or friends.

Now divide the total sum of your assets among the total of your liabilities.

The ideal result should range between 1 and 1.5. This means that your income is higher than the liabilities and you will not have problems to make the monthly payments that you agreed with the requested credit.

If it is less than 1, it means that you do not have the necessary finances to pay off your debts and therefore you are not eligible for any type of credit.

What percentage of my salary should I allocate to the payment of debts?


To know the ideal percentage to allocate to the payment of debts, the first thing is to know the distribution that you currently have of your salary.

That is, how much you should allocate to household expenses, how much to have fun and how much to pay debts. This is the secret of good finances, know how to manage money and stick to that plan.

As experts, we recommend that you follow the simple and effective 70-30 budget. What does it mean? Very simple, that 70% of your salary is for basic needs such as food, housing, transportation, services, health, and entertainment.

And the remaining 30%, be it for saving and payment. Yes, you have to include a savings percentage month by month and the payment of your debts cannot be half of your salary. It seems a difficult equation right?

Remember that this is an ideal scenario, but it can be adapted to the specific needs and situations of each person or family.

Maybe your debts exceed 30% at the moment but maybe there is a good reason for that.

It should be noted that you can not have a complete picture of your income and distribution if you have not made a clear budget of how much you spend a month to month and how your money is going.

Here’s how to keep track of your expenses easily.

How can I keep track of my expenses?

Keeping track of expenses is achieved by knowing in detail, the relationship of expenses and income, for that, people usually make monthly budgets.

The problem with making monthly budgets is that many times you do not consider the small expenses that you have every day.

Usually only concentrate on large debts, this can be a mistake.

Imagine that when you make your budget, at the end of the fortnight you will have 200 pesos left over, but within a week of the date, your pocket is in zeros and you have to borrow money from someone you know.

This happens because in the budget you can not control the ant’s expenses, those 20 extra little pesos that you spend every day.

For this reason, you should use a “cash flow”, a management technique that is set at all expenses.

Carry it out is very simple, daily enlist all the expenses you have, from transportation, food, to money to buy materials for school and snacks.

You must start your table saying: “Today I woke up with so much money in the bag”.

When the day ends, you will subtract all the money you spent to the budget you had in the bag.

The next day, you will again write down how much money you woke up and you will begin the process of listing all expenses, from the smallest to the largest.

So you can have a better management of your income and you can notice that if today you had an extra piquito, tomorrow or the day before you will have to compensate.

With this, you will have a better handle of the finances of the home and you will arrive calmly to the following fortnight.

At what time should I request a quick loan?

The ideal time to ask for a quick loan is when you need money for some emergency or for a personal project that we would not do if we do not have the money collected at one time.

Despite having full control of finances, there are times when it inevitably arises, a problem which breaks the balance of your finances.

How can you solve this unforeseen situation quickly?

In these cases, the only solution in sight is the request for a quick loan or immediate credit.

Choosing the best loan will depend on your real financial ability to pay on time without involving a larger long-term debt.

Take into account that a quick credit will become one more debt, so you will have to reorganize your forms and your times to liquidate the required amounts.

However, there are also cases of quick loans to solve the maintenance of a car.

The revisions of tires, oil change, bands or battery, internal cleaning, among other things are requirements that a car can not do without and we can not stop our daily means of transport.

It is time to apply for quick loans for benefits of any kind. You can even support a friend, relative or acquaintance who has an emergency and you are the only instance to which you can turn.

No executive or form will ask for explanations or reasons why you have hired this type of credit.

It is worth mentioning that this is the new era of entrepreneurs, and if you want to have an extra income, you can have a personal business that generates income, for example, catalog sales, is a medium with very good profits for your economy family.

Quick loans are also available to you if you have an SME or consolidated business, as you can invest for their legal constitution, facilities and infrastructure, marketing strategy agreements, training of staff in workshops, courses, exhibitions or national and international conferences, etc. Everything is within reach of a click.

What are the requirements to request a quick loan?

At Credifiel, applying for a quick loan is simple. Remember that if you work in any government institution that has an agreement with us, you are already one step away from having the credit.

The requirements are very simple:

  • 18 years and older
  • 1 year working age
  • Receive a salary in payroll or bank account
  • INE (updated credential)
  • Proof of current address as light, telephone, gas or property
  • Proof of income
  • Account status

What are the advantages of a quick loan?


The main advantages of quick loans are the ease with which you can request them, the speed of being processed and the fact that you do not have to argue in what way you are using it.

Do not forget that you should not worry about having any kind of detail in the Credit Bureau.

At Credifiel we know that in an emergency, a review of the Credit Bureau is delayed.

Generally, banks check the loans you have applied for, if you paid for it, if you canceled it, or if you had a problem in those processes.

Without a doubt, they subject you to bureaucratic procedures that would prevent the immediate immediacy of your need. However, Credifiel breaks with conventionalisms. On our website, you will find the facility to acquire quick loans without a credit bureau or endorsement.

How do I apply for a quick loan?

Request a quick loan is a very simple process and does not represent any kind of complication.

Although it is true that you have to fill out an application, it will not take more than five minutes. It is done on our website www.credifiel.com.mx

We only ask you for your basic information such as name, email, telephone, your work profile and the time in which we can communicate with you.

If you prefer you can go directly to one of our branches that are distributed throughout the country.

If you do not know which is your nearest branch, you can enter the following league and perform your search: www.credifiel.com.mx/sucursales

How soon do you approve a quick credit?

Being a type of credit that helps you save time, the application does not take more than five minutes and the credit process only lasts a couple of days.

Your application will be evaluated by one of our experts, who can also advise you to have immediate results.

What is the payment scheme of a quick loan?

The payment scheme of a quick loan is very convenient because it is by payroll or by direct debit.

Failure to review the Credit Bureau does not mean that the institution does not evaluate your solvency and seek guarantees.

In this case, you can borrow a loan like this because the charge will be directly from your payroll.

This modality supports you and us to enjoy a pleasant credit experience.

The maximum comfort for you is that you will not have to go to a bank to pay, nor will you have to worry about the payment dates because the payment is automatic.

If you choose the discount via payroll, the payment can be deferred to 12 or 48 months, either by fortnights or monthly payments.

Another great advantage of our credit is that they have a fixed interest rate.

On the other hand, in Credifiel we also have Bank Direct Debit, in this case, the payment can be deferred between 12 and up to 18 months.

In the same way, you will enjoy a fixed interest rate, with a biweekly or monthly charge.

Quick loans guarantee comfort and security.

In case you need extra income you can apply for a refinance and we will give you a resolution as soon as possible.

What security is there in the quick loans?

The security in fast loans is absolute for you that you are a government employee.

Our purpose is to provide financial and innovative solutions to the most underserved sectors of the country, so we will not ask uncomfortable questions regarding the reasons why some amount has been requested.

Credifiel guarantees quick loans and one hundred percent insurance for any personal or work circumstance at any time.

Whether you decide on a loan with Credifiel, we tell you what aspects you should always keep in mind here and in other credit agreements.

  • Review testimonials and evaluations, on the website or on social networks, of the clients who have requested it.
  • Verify how much you will pay interest and check the terms and conditions of the application before accepting the loan quickly.
  • Check the contact information so we can help you in case you have any questions during the time of the loan.

What are the fees that I should know?


Both commissions and interest rates are key factors that you should consider when deciding when a loan is contracted.

Personally, we inform all the conditions to which your credit would be subject so that you do not have any doubt and make the most convenient decision for your personal finances.

It is usually an indispensable step before our users make the decision to apply for their loan fast.

Each banking entity is free to apply the commissions that it wishes, but always taking into account its correspondence with the charges that have been specified and accepted by the users.

For this reason, our executives will inform you of them personally or, if you have any questions, you can contact us by phone.

Difference between quick loans and common bank loans


The traditional methodology of banks has been modified by the need to break the stigma of Internet competition.

From the growth of financial institutions that provide their services electronically, banks have taken the next step towards the development of applications or electronic arrangements that optimize the time of users.

However, there are still a number of features that differentiate each type of loan.

Below we list the most important points that you must take into account, to decide which path you want to take before applying for a quick loan or a bank loan:

Who gives it ?:

Bank loans are granted exclusively by the bank. Directly, the monetary funds will be provided by such an entity.

On the other hand, quick loans are more associated with financial institutions with the ease of finding them via the internet.

There are financial for all types of public, for example, if you are an employee of a government institution you will find better conditions in Credifiel if you have an agreement with the institution where you work.

Loan amounts: banks have a basic form of financing, so it is impossible for a loan to be for amounts too low, that is, instances of this type will reach medium or high amounts, for example, mortgage loans.

However, quick loans can range between minimum and medium quantities, a problem that banks do not offer.

It is for this reason that within this type of services there are mini credits, which are still lower amounts and there is no impediment to request it.

Obtaining requirements: traditional loans require the user to have an account at the bank where the request is made; therefore, it must approve if the level of solvency is sufficient and if the user has the ability to return the amount or amounts in the terms that will be agreed.

In addition, you will need a study of credit, financial and debt history plus the presentation and signature of a personal or real estate guarantee.

In contrast, fast loans do not require such specific requirements, that is, when you have already been a credit user with Credifiel, we only need your personal and general information about the money and the time to pay.

Sometimes, when it is the first time the process, then there is data that we need some type of paperwork, but it is NOT a cumbersome procedure since the payment vouchers and other requirements can be sent without leaving home.

Processing of the loan: in the bank, the credits of this style are done in person, in the office hours of the instance (usually from 08:00 to 16:00 h) and accepting the shift assigned by the executive will receive at your entrance.

In relation to the previous point, you must carry documents such as salary receipts, solvency reports, guarantees, among other requirements that instead of optimizing the client’s time, make the day something lost.

Quick loans through our website are much more flexible because the distance is not an impediment, but an advantage.

In addition to no longer needing to travel, the digital portal will be available twenty-four hours a day, with specialized and executive programs that will review the data quickly and efficiently.

You should also take into account that, unlike a bank, here we give you the possibility of forgetting presumptuous documentation and processing loans without a credit bureau, without salary or financing receipts without presenting guarantees.

Periods of approval: Quick loans have the benefit of being approved and sent in periods of fifteen minutes to forty-eight hours or less.

Sometimes, the amount reaches the client’s account in less than half an hour, but the amount that has requested depends on it.

This type of procedure is possible from completely specialized software to operate the services of this nature.

Compared to online services, loans directly in banks usually have approval periods that last day or even weeks.

Impossible to accept it when it comes to any urgency.

Due to this situation, some instances have already implemented the tools and benefits provided by the technologies.

Repayment terms: the banking institutions do not allow short-term refunds, but in prolonged periods and in very fractioned amounts.

This causes the interests to be much higher than usual.

Therefore, if we opt for quick loans, refunds are short or cover only one date.

In conclusion, we say that quick credits are equal to their approval periods, that is, quite short and concise.

Forms of return: the payment of bank loans takes place by paying a fee charged to the applicant’s account.

While quick credits have quite varied options.

The most common is that the income to one of the accounts that Credifiel provides to the customer or the use of debit or credit cards.

Why request this service ?: Most banks have defined the objectives for which you will be entitled to a loan, for example, studies, the purchase of a car or the acquisition of a department, land or house.

However, one big difference and advantage of quick loans is the privacy and confidentiality with which you can buy them. The investment made by the user varies from the necessity to necessity.

Although there are cases of travel loans and personal tastes, this type of financial movement is used more by people whose project is the creation of a small business with the vision of turning it into something big. Or, there is also the possibility of liquidating a company.

Customer service: banks give instructions in the executive service modules, but in the case of online loans, the ways to provide information are multiple, since you can read our sections and instructions, fill out the forms or call us by phone, In any case, something really complicates you.

As we have shown you, Credifiel has the most complete fast loan service.

Through detailed explanations, we were able to solve the most frequent doubts that arise day by day in our clients. Contact us if something has not been clear to you. We will provide the services and provide you with solutions for all types of needs.

How can I use the loan money?

We reserve ourselves the uncomfortable and inopportune questions so that you occupy the money in the situation that you consider more opportune. From a medical emergency to a small arrangement to the house or a holiday at the end of the year.