A loan to start saving for the future of my children

Image result for A loan to start saving for the future of my childrenLourdes and her two children have decided to start a journey independently. Not all relationships work as one would wish and for that reason, sometimes it is better to end them at the exact moment.

As with this example, surely we all know many more. Lourdes and her children now live in a rented house. She is a 40 year old woman who for several years has been working in a government agency. This has allowed him to have a medium economic solvency, with which he can give a good life to his children, however, as they grow, needs increase and the university is closer and closer.

Diego, the largest of his children, is currently studying high school. She still does not know what she is going to study, however, she is determined that she wants to continue with her studies, which is why Lourdes is a couple of years away from having to start with high expenses such as enrollment, tuition and materials. and books that apply in each of the areas.

On the other hand, Josué, his young son, is currently studying high school. There is still time to plan what will be the appropriate way to solve these expenses, however, while Diego studies the university, Joshua will increasingly approach it and then, the expense will have to be double so that they will be approximately 8 years in a row in which Lourdes will have to spend a considerable amount of money.

She is aware of this situation and her biggest concern is that her salary as a public servant may not reach her to cover all the expenses of the university and also, of the house and the family. Within your dreams are family vacations and also to acquire your own house as beautiful as the one you currently rent. But perhaps their greatest satisfaction in life would be to see how their children graduate from college and become professionals in the area where they wish to play.

Lourdes has thought about the possibility of starting to work more hours to have extra income and then, start saving, taking advantage of the fact that she still has a couple of years to beat the time and above all, to create an economic cushion. Although it may seem like a great option, Lourdes is worried about the effects that her health can have if she starts to work more hours. His second job would be practically at night and this would mean being out of the house all day, away from his children and also neglecting his health.

She also worries about not being able to keep an eye on the education and progress of her children, because even though one of them is already a young man, she still considers Josue very young to be able to leave him alone.

This is currently the great problem of Lourdes, on the one hand wants to move forward the studies and career of their children but on the other hand not know what could be the best option to do so without affecting all other areas of his life. Ask for an increase in work? She knows that when working in a government company the increases do not come as easy because the order always comes from posts much higher, which sometimes are not even known. This is a possibility that although it does not rule out, it also knows that it might not arrive.

What would be the best decision Lourdes could make? One day talking with one of her friends, she advised him to apply for a loan with a credit institution. Lourdes at first was afraid because although she had no experience with loans in her life, she knew they could be dangerous, she had always followed the saying “With the bank does not play” and then, she was a little reluctant to ask for a loan. loan and above all, for a large amount to finance the studies of their children.

After Lourdes talked for several hours with her friend, in the end she decided that she would investigate more on the subject. What caused him the most emotion was that he would not have to put his health at risk and neither the goal of getting more money would interfere with the time he spends with his children. These were the main reasons why Lourdes decided to contact Credifiel , after this, the entire process was very simple and also received accurate advice regarding their financial problems.

As well as Lourdes, we know that you as well as all mothers and fathers worry about the future of their children. Many times families have the chance to save during the first eighteen years of their children’s lives and then when the time comes to college or when they are of legal age, that money has another objective. It can be lack of information or simply, lack of opportunities that sometimes is complicated to make this type of savings. When in fact people can not do it, are there not possibilities to remedy this fact? How to deal with such a large expense in such a short time?

They say that in this life nothing is written and there is nothing definite, so, any time is good to put the batteries and start financing the university and the future of your children. In Credifiel you can request fast and reliable credits for being a government worker, in this way, discounts will be via payroll and you will have the option to reduce interest. In addition, the procedures are very simple and do not expect any type of approval.

Get in touch with us as soon as possible and start planning together with them, your new next future. The university, the holidays, the gift of graduation and future business, this and more may be possible when you have a financial ally like Credifiel . Get in touch with us right now!